Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things they are a changin'

So I have been away for a long time. It makes me sad that I can't make time for blogging, I love to do it even if it is just for me to read. Lately I have not made the time because I have been exhausted!! This is due to two things...
1. Babydog is 9 month old and about to be walking she has gotten so brave taking a step and falling down. We do a lot of encouraging to get her to try again! It seems sooo crazy that 9 months ago we did not have her in our lives and now she happily consumes them.
The 2nd reason was planned, but happened a little sooner than expected you see I am PREGNANT! The hubby and I are so excited, but also a little over whelmed baby 2 is due the end of May making the babies about 16 months apart. That part freaks me out a little, but my hope is they will be such close friends and playmates!!
If you are a reader of my blog then you know we did not find out with Babydog if she was going to be a boy or a girl. Well this time we are, just to help us all prepare we should find out just before Christmas. I will go better about posting!

I miss y'all!!


Ashley said...

YAY!! Congratulations!!!! So happy for you! You haven't announced on FB yet right? Because I didn't see anything!!

Yay for finding out too! I loved finding out and couldn't wait to know and plan! :)

What are you hoping for? Boys are great! ;)

Lindsey said...

Yay!!! Congrats!! I am so happy for you guys. I hope you can make some time to blog to keep us posted on this pregnancy. :)

Wiz said...

Congrats!!! My youngest two will be 15 months apart. I am terrified but know they will be close as my brother and I are 15 months apart and are still very close! Cant wait to find out what you are having!!