Monday, December 24, 2012

Babydog's mock birthday.

So Babydog turned 11 months old yesterday, and since we are back in my hometown celebrating Christmas with my family we decided to celebrate Babydog's one year birthday. The Hubby had a great idea to have her smash cake also serve as a gender revile cake for baby #2- so we had our sonogram on Wed had them fax the gender to a bakery here. Yesterday was the big day to celebrate Babydog and new baby's gender. Here are a few pictures!!

PS it is a girl!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things they are a changin'

So I have been away for a long time. It makes me sad that I can't make time for blogging, I love to do it even if it is just for me to read. Lately I have not made the time because I have been exhausted!! This is due to two things...
1. Babydog is 9 month old and about to be walking she has gotten so brave taking a step and falling down. We do a lot of encouraging to get her to try again! It seems sooo crazy that 9 months ago we did not have her in our lives and now she happily consumes them.
The 2nd reason was planned, but happened a little sooner than expected you see I am PREGNANT! The hubby and I are so excited, but also a little over whelmed baby 2 is due the end of May making the babies about 16 months apart. That part freaks me out a little, but my hope is they will be such close friends and playmates!!
If you are a reader of my blog then you know we did not find out with Babydog if she was going to be a boy or a girl. Well this time we are, just to help us all prepare we should find out just before Christmas. I will go better about posting!

I miss y'all!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Did not mean to be away...

Things have been CRAZY!! So sorry for being away for so long I have a huge random post coming soon- I have stopped and started it several times! I hope all are doing well!! Here is one of the reasons I have been crazy busy- Babydog is 8 months old!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A new discovery!!

Well Babydog has discovered a new toy… the problem is it only shows up once a day and for only a short time!! It is the sun- you see we spend the majority of our day in the living room {it is the only room we have super baby proofed} and the sun shines through the back windows at just the right angle the be mesmerizing!! I have had fun the last few days watching her discover what it is and where it comes from and the fact that it only appears for a SHORT time during the morning!! Here are a few pictures of her "playing" in with the sun... And one of her just being super cute!!  Sorry they are out of order I am using the mobel app and I can not figure out how to edit and move the pictures!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday

Hope y'all had a great weekend. We had a productive one the Hubby replaced the windows in the guest room and In Babydog's room.

Babydog and I did a little shopping this morning and she had her first ride in the cart! Hope y'all have a great Monday we are so far!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6 months

Dear Baby girl-

WOW where has the time gone I can not believe you are 6 months old! It seems like you were just a newborn yesterday- we were getting up every 2 hours 45 min. to feed and comfort you because you did not sleep well.  Now you are a champion sleeper {at night} you have a harder time sleeping during the day!

You are wearing size 3 diapers they are huge compared to the newborn ones you came home in! You are also wearing 6-9 month clothes and are growing so fast! Yesterday at your 6 month check up you weighed 17 lb. 14 oz- that is almost over 10 pounds you have gained in just 6 months!

You are such a mover we can not keep you still you crawl all over the living room and flip from tummy to back and back again all the time- you are sitting up all by yourself and believe it or not you are trying to pull up on daddy and me.  You love to stand {with support} and Dr. Kat thinks you will be walking by 9 months {we will see!}

You eat like a champ too- in the morning you are having rice cereal or oatmeal {we will be adding fruit today I hope it goes well!} then you have several bottles during the day followed by veggies for your evening meal you love sweet potatoes, and green beans!

You love bath time and pool time- you are truly a water baby! Too bad we have to limit your water and outside time because your skin is sooo dry {eczema} :(

You are such a joy and delight to have in our life I can not imagine a day without you- your laughter ans squeals are my favorite sounds and I would be truly be lost without you!

Some days I wish you would stop growing, but others I am so excited to see what you will do next- Keep growing strong and smart you beautiful girl Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I am loving Wednesday...

I am playing along with Jamie today- I have not done what I am loving in a while and thought it was time- so here we go...

I am loving- that I am meeting my teacher friends for a late lunch happy hour today {I have not seen anyone since we got out of school!}

I am loving- that Babydog slept all through the night- she has been waking up earlier than normal the last few nights

I am loving- the pictures we had taken of Babydog and can't wait to order them!

I am loving- all the crawling and scooting Babydog is doing she is such the little mover!

I am loving- some of my Pinterest finds...

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As always I am loving the Hubby and Babydog!!

Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!!